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 Capitole si questuri principale

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Numarul mesajelor : 92
Data de inscriere : 2009-05-03
Varsta : 25
Localizare : Braila

PostSubject: Capitole si questuri principale   Sat Jun 27, 2009 9:41 pm

The Truth About The Research Group (10 Quests)
->The investigation Committee
->Markus's Excitement
->The Worry of the Merchants
->The Officer's Recommendation
->The Problem Child, Naain
->The uncontrollable Arionell
->The Worried Aike
->Bein's Request
->The Items Naain Stole Away
->Naain's Laboratory

The Sage Tower (1 Quest)
->The Appointment of the 8th Sage

The Book of Apocalypse: Part 1 (5 Quests)
->Veradix's Visit
->Veradix's Request
->Captian Mark's Test
->The Legacy of the Sages
->The Fighter Who Leads the Stars

The Secret Organization: Part 1 (7 Quests)
->The Flow of Destruction
->The Concern of the Guards
->The Leader of the Knights, Luaan
->Maintaining Order
->The Opposition of the Merchants
->The Owner of the Emblem
->Reporting to Veradix

The Secret Organization: Part 2 (7 Quests)
->The Beginning of Another Search
->The Cranky Alchemist
->Tesky's Conditions
->The Shady Wizards
->The Wizard's Laboratory Part 1
->Arionell, Immersed in Trouble
->The Wizard's Laboratory Part 2

The Book of Apocalypse: Part 2 (5 Quests)
->Sirius' Summoning
->The Second Piece
->The Third Piece
->Apocalypse Card
->Veradix's Destiny

The Book of Apocalypse: Part 3 (10 Quests)
->The Second Knight
->Another Knight
->The Search
->The Troublesome Investigation
->A New Colleague
->Promise of a Meeting
->Clue 1
->Clue 2
->The Last Card
->The Last Knight

The Sword of the Guardian (18 Quests)
->The Vanished Knight
->The Owner of the Third Card
->Pursue, Patren
->Arionell? Aike?
->Sirius' Letter
->Port Lux, Heathens
->Arionell Leaves
->The Sacrifice of the Heathens
->Candid Provocation
->The Undead Clan
->The Return of Arionell
->The Restless Companion Star
->Maintaining Battle Lines
->Bitter Enemies in the Same Boat
->The Altar of Blizzard
->Another Beginning
->The Outbreak of War

The War (7 Quests)
->The Burgeoning War
->The Void in Order
->The Dissolution of the Merchants
->Conveying a Cryptogram
->Guerilla Warfare
->The Mechanic Demons
->An Armistace Agreement

The Missing King (20 Quests)
->The End of Wandering
->Patren's Wherabouts
->The Discovery of the Survey Party
->Silverwood's Identity
->The Clan Master
->The Sad Arionell
->Meeting in the Seaside Cave
->The Spy in the Tower
->The Child with the Revelation
->The Plant Clan and the Wizards
->A Union with a Stern Customer
->Tesky's Aid
->The Tiny Onwer of the Red Jungle
->The Land of the Metal Clan
->The Ties of the Heathens
->The Truth Told by the Aldebaran
->The Arrow that Lost Its Master
->The Dark Clan and the Cabal

Cabal Vs. Cabal (27 Quests)
->Mystic Blade
->The Truth of the Seventh Core
->The Location of the ASC Core
->ASC Controller
->The Conclave of the Metal Clan
->The Ancient City of Ruins
->The Nature of the Wizards Guild
->The Steel Alliance
->The Advent of Destruction
->A Child Is Crying
->The Wound
->They Enemy, Silverwood
->The Return of Sirius
->The Unraveling Plot
->The Land of the Undead
->The Enemy Behind(g) the Wall of Ice
->Where Is Aldebaran
->The Third Sage
->Confrontation with a Traitor
->Yuan's Preparations for the End
->The Legacy Hidden in the Tower
->What Naain Saw
->The Vampire Rigel
->The Incomplete Succession

War Clouds (5 Quests)
->The Foolish War
->The Life-Threatening Cold
->The Unceasing Rain
->The Wrath of the Shrine Guardian
->The Tower of Sages, Divide
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Capitole si questuri principale
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